Motorola PMPN4174 Charger




This product has been discontinued by Motorola.  The direct replacement is the PMPN4576.

The Motorola PMPN4174 is a rapid rate, tri-chemistry charging and reconditioning system able to automate battery maintenance for XPR Series and APX Series radios (Can also serve as a replacement charger for the discontinued XPR 6000 series radios).

Eliminate the need more manual maintenance programs and optimize battery life cycles with advanced conditioning features that allow the batteries to be left on the charger for extended periods, remaining fully charged without incurring damage to the battery or charger. The PMPN4174 also features an indicator light showing charging status with a yellow indicator when in reconditioning mode.

Price includes charger base and power supply cord.

Motorola PMPN4174 Charger Highlights

  • Rapid Rate IMPRES Charger
  • Advanced reconditioning
  • Charging Indicator Light
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty

PMPN4174 specifications

Type Single Unit Charger
Dimensions (IN) 2.0(W) x 5.75(H) x 3.75(L)
Display No
Power Source 120 VAC
Plug Type U.S.
Technology IMPRES
Number of Pockets 1
Color Black
Intrinsically Safe Not Found
IP Rating Not Found
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Warranty 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Two Way Radios Compatible with the PMPN4174

Motorola XPR 3300e

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Motorola XPR 3550e

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Motorola XPR 7350e

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Motorola XPR 7550e

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Motorola XPR 7380e

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Motorola XPR 7580e

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APX1000 Series Radios

APX3000 Series Radios

APX4000 Series Radios

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