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FCC licensing for GMRS and LMR radios

FCC Licensing

The FCC coordinates licenses for the private sector across frequency bands to ensure your data is protected. There are 2 primary two way radio licenses obtainable by the private sector: GMRS licenses and LMR licenses. This article will show you how to choose between and obtain each type of license by the FCC and shine some light on to why there is licensing to begin with.
How do I choose between FRS and GMRS?


Wondering which class of two way radio will be right for you? Learn the difference between the Family Radio Service (FRS), the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) devices. See which class requires FCC licensing, as well as what technologies each class can offer.
Two Way Radios for Schools

Two Way Radios for Schools

Keep your school connected and safe. Two way radios have long been used for directing traffic, connecting administrators with staff and faculty, keeping off-campus activity on-track, and much more. This article is here to give you a the knowledge to create the best communication platform for your school.