Motorola PMPN4576 Charger




The Motorola PMPN4576 IMPRES charger comes standard with the Motorola R7 radio. Eliminate the need for manual maintenance with the automated optimization the IMPRES technology provides.


Motorola PMPN4576 Features

  • IMPRES self calibration technology
  • 1 charging slot
  • 1- Year Motorola warranty

Compatible radios

Motorola R7

PMPN4576 Specifications

Weight (lb) 0.24
Dimensions (in) 3.70W X 2H X 3.46D
Accessory Type Charger
Intrinsically Safe Yes, TIA4950 UL certified
IMPRES Charging Yes
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Color Black
Warranty 1-Year

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