Waterproof Two Way Radios by Motorola, ICOM, and Kenwood

Updated 1/2021


Tired of replacing your two way radios because of water damage? When you’re on the job the last thing you need is to be distracted by the risk of ruining your equipment just from using it on-site. If you need a radio you can use around water with peace of mind, let me show you some amazing waterproof two way radios that can cater to your business’ needs. From car wash facilities to manufacturing, these two way radios will let you keep your mind on the job instead of trying to remember where you keep the rice.

The first thing this article will teach you is how to read the rating system for electronic devices tested for dust and water resistance. Then we will move on to some great waterproof two way radios by Motorola, ICOM, and Kenwood. I am also going to provide a suitable waterproof remote speaker mic, where possible, for each two way radio I list. You don’t have to use a branded accessory when pairing with waterproof devices, but you must be very careful when doing your research because a 3rd party accessory could lead to your device losing its durability at connection points.

For today’s purpose, I have left out marine two way radios because they are inherently more water-resistant, and I will be releasing an article devoted to the The Best Marine Two Way Radios in the near future.

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What makes a two way radio waterproof?

What determines how waterproof a two way radio is are the rubberized seals and water displacing chemicals placed on the chassis of a unit. Manufacturers test and rate the ruggedness of their two way radio models based on the International Protection Rating (or Ingress Protection Rating) which typically consists of the letters IP followed by two numerical digits, i.e. IP67. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by the mechanical casing and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water in the IEC standard 605291.

The first number is referring to a device’s capacity to withstand interference from solids, like dust, and is chosen from a range of 0-6 (X if no data available). 0 if the device offers no protection against contact or ingress of objects, and 6 if it is “Dust-tight”.

The second number of the IP rating is talking about a device’s potential for keeping moisture out if introduced to water. The range of numbers for rating against the ingress of water is from 0-8 (X if no data available). 0 if the device can’t protect at all against water, and 8 if the device can withstand submersion up to 1.5 meters (~5ft) for up to 30 minutes.

The standard set by the IEC aims to provide consumers more concrete terminology than marketing terms which can inflate the actual abilities of a product. The system uses the two numerical digits after IP to classify any unit’s rugged abilities.

It’s important to note that all electrical devices will succumb to water eventually, no matter what measures we take. It’s only how much pressure and for how long your device can take it before it is compromised. Even deep-sea submarines can only go so far before the great water pressure is too much for them. Also, that these tests are always conducted with freshwater, introducing the two way radio to saltwater and/or other chemicals might affect your device differently than its given IP rating would suggest.

The devices I am showing you today will have water-resistant IP ratings of 7 & 8. 7 means it is capable of being completely submerged in freshwater up to 1 meter (3ft 3in) for up to 30 minutes, and 8 is saying the two way radio can withstand 1.5 meters (~5ft) for the same amount of time. I chose to showcase options that could be fully submerged to guarantee their ability to handle your workplace environment.

Waterproof Motorola Two Way Radios

Motorola XPR 7550e

Motorola XPR 7550 | Waterproof Two Way Radio

This waterproof option offers you all the bells and whistles money can buy in a two way radio. Your XPR 7550e comes with an IP68 rating, guaranteeing you no issues caused by dust or moisture. Motorola also offers an intrinsically safe option (UL certified) for this two way radio for industries that demand such certification.

This radio would be my #1 choice if I was buying for management of any large-scale operation that required radio communication around bodies of water or in hazardous environments. A waste-water treatment facility would be a great example. Its durability ratings, advanced features, and full-color display paired with the advanced trunking technology the XPR7550e supports make this waterproof two way radio hard to beat.

I do say management for this two way radio option because of the display and amount of features it offers to the user. For a front line worker who needs that same durability, but fewer features, take a look at the Motorola XPR 7350e. This two way radio model is offered at a lower price but still comes with an IP68 rating, has a UL-certified option, and plenty of really great programmable features to ensure your communication flows effortlessly, all while enabling you to choose who has the most operational freedom in your organization.

With the XPR 7550e, you can monitor operations in and out of the office with the peace of mind your two way radio can handle anything you throw at it. To keep your hands free for the job at hand, pair your Motorola XPR 7550 with the PMMN4040 a UL Approved, IP57 rated, remote speaker microphone by Motorola for all of their XPR7000 series two way radios.

Motorola XPR 7550 Features

  • IP68 Dust and Water Proof
  • Man Down & Lone Worker Safety Features
  • 21-hr Standard Battery Life (28-hr high capacity version available)
  • Orange Dedicated Emergency Button
  • Wave OnCloud Technology
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus

Motorola EVX-S24

Motorola EVX-S24 | Waterproof Two Way Radio

Need a great submersible two way radio, but don’t need advanced trunking technologies? Take a look at the EVX-S24. This little two way radio has a rating of IP67, making it capable of taking full submersion up to a meter (~3ft) for 30 minutes. Plus, when you look at how much smaller this waterproof two way radio is compared to any in the XPR series along with its price point, its benefits start to shine.

The EVX-S24 is perfect for organizations like golf courses, pools, and camps. Its compact size makes it easy to store in a pocket or be clipped to a lapel. Its rugged design prepares it for any weather you might face, and being repeater capable means it can be folded into a large scale operation without a hitch.

For hands-free use, pair your EVX-S24 with the Motorola AAE46X509 IP57 rated Remote Speaker Microphone.

Motorola EVX-S24 Features

  • IP67 Dust and Water Proof
  • Emergency Alert
  • Lone Worker Alert
  • Basic & Enhanced Privacy Options
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Waterproof ICOM Two Way Radios

ICOM F3400d/F4400d

ICOM F4400D | Waterproof Two Way Radio  ICOM F4400DT | Waterproof Two Way Radio
F3400D/F4400D F3400DT/F4400DT (Display w/ Full Keypad)


The F3400 series by ICOM is their flaghship IDASTM product and a great choice to pit against Motorola’s XPR line. While it may not have quite the advanced functionality of the XPR 7550, the F3400D can hold its weight in the ring. This two way radio is touting an IP68 rating, giving it the power to compete in the harshest environments. Its 5W power capacity, integrated Bluetooth, and GPS technology put this two way radio in the top echelon and with a digital trunking upgrade available from the IDASTM digital conventional transmission your business is guaranteed to take your communications to the next level.

ICOM also offers this waterproof two way radio in a variety of models: no display, display w/ limited keypad, and display w/ full DTMF keypad. This is something I enjoy about ICOM, they tend to offer all of their two way radios in a similar breakdown of user functionality. Each model provides more programable features as you scale up, giving you the power to control who has more operational freedom in your organization without having to shop around comparing other radios.

With its durability and advanced features, I would recommend the F3400d/F4400d two way radios for large scale manufacturing operations, or other facilities needing top-of-the-line safety features along with advanced technologies in their waterproof two way radios.

Another great feature of this waterproof two way radio is ICOM’s patented AquaQuakeTM technology. The AquaQuakeTM draining function emits a vibrating buzz sound that clears water from the speaker grill to help maintain clear audio. This function is immensely popular among marine radio users, and it’s easy to see why. Sometimes specific features like AquaQuakeTM can set one two way radio above another for its waterproof functionality even if it has less advanced features available.

I would pair your ICOM 3400 series two way radio with the IP67 rated ICOM HM184H waterproof remote speaker microphone.

ICOM F3400d/F4400d Features

  • IP68 Dust and Water Proof
  • AquaQuakeTM Technology
  • Safety Features: man down, motion detection, stationary detection, lone worker, and power OFF emergency
  • Full-Color LCD Display for easy operation in dim and bright light
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Tactical Group Function
  • Tile Designed Keypad for increased durability and visibility
  • Digital Trunking Upgrade Available
  • Text Messaging

ICOM F1100d/F2100d

ICOM F2100D | Waterproof Two Way Radio

Finding you need a waterproof two way radio setup, but also know you are a mid-level radio user who doesn’t need to send texts via your radio and have integrated Bluetooth technology? I’d recommend the ICOM F1100d series.

ICOM F1100 two way radios boast an IP67 rating, giving you a dust-tight and submersible product to ease your anxiety on the job. They also still come with some great advanced features even without Bluetooth. They have IDASTM type-D single-site trunking to allow for optimized communication flow. They also offer individual, group, and all-call functions so you can make sure all who need and don’t need to hear something will get the message.

This waterproof two way radio comes with the ICOM’s patented AquaQuakeTM draining technology to vibrate any moisture away from the speaker grill and 5 emergency functions to keep your team and devices safe. Keeping with ICOM’s style, you can also choose between a model with a basic - no display, a display w/ limited keypad, and a display w/ full DTMF keypad for your team or mix and match for optimal operational flexibility.

I recommend the ICOM F1100/F2100 series radios for any educational or hospitality institution needing waterproof two way radios. When chasing a child into the pool, you don’t have time to set your electronics to the side, don’t worry with the F1100d.

Pair your ICOM F1100d/F2100d with the ICOM HM184H waterproof remote speaker mic to stay hands-free while managing those poolside activities.

ICOM F1100d/F2100d Features

  • IP67 Dust and Water Proof
  • AquaQuakeTM Technology
  • Safety Features: man down, motion detection, stationary detection, lone worker, and surveillance function
  • Emergency Key
  • Basic Privacy Function
  • Call Alert
  • Radio Check (RX only)
  • Siren Sound for Security Alarm

ICOM F1000/F2000

ICOM F2000 | Waterproof Two Way Radio

New to the two way radio game, but still finding your organization needs a waterproof option? You should consider the ICOM F1000 series two way radios. These waterproof two way radios offer the new user great functionality without bogging you down with features you wouldn’t use. Rated IP67, the F1000 can handle almost anything you can put it through.

With ICOM’s variety of models (basic - no display, display w/ limited keypad, display w/ full DTMF keypad), you can try your hand at giving different tiers in your company more functionality while limiting those you know do not need it.

The F1000/F2000 waterproof two way radio is perfect for a large car wash facility or a river guide service that have a variety of positions with different needs in their two way radios. I also suggest pairing your waterproof ICOM F1000/F2000 two way radio with the ICOM HM-HD717WP large waterproof remote speaker mic with 3.5mm audio jack.

ICOM F1000/F2000 Features

  • IP67 Dust and Water Proof
  • Motion Detection: states of motion and non-motion can illicit an emergency signal being sent
  • Lone Worker & Man Down functions programable
  • Emergency Signaling (TX & RX)
  • Radio Check (RX only)
  • Surveilance Function
  • PTT ID

Waterproof Kenwood Two Way Radios

Kenwood NXP500

Kenwood NXP500 | Waterproof Two Way Radio

In need of a waterproof two way radio that is just that? You’ll be most interested in the Kenwood NX-P500. This no-fluff waterproof two way radio is built to get your messages to your team, that is all. Don’t get me wrong, the NXP500 has plenty of features, they are simply tailored toward two way radio practicality as opposed to advanced feature functionality.

One of the best parts about the Kenwood NXP500 is its unmatched size. Measuring less than 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide, with a weight of only 5.64 oz, you can easily slip your NXP500 into a pocket or clip it to a lapel without feeling encumbered by the radio.

This waterproof two way radio is ideal for a restaurant or educational facility needing a waterproof two way radio. Its 2W power capacity limits its range but would be more than enough in a restaurant setting or on a medium-sized school campus. Don’t lose another two way radio to the dish well with your Kenwood NXP500.

Kenwood NX-P500 Features

  • IP67 Dust and Water Proof
  • Digital or Analog Transmission
  • 7 Color LED Notification Light
  • 15.5 hr battery life
  • Digital Encryption

Wrap it up

There you have it, while it’s not a comprehensive list of waterproof two way radios, I believe this will get you on the right track to finding the right waterproof two way radio out there for you. If you are just doing preliminary research, I hope this article empowered you to know what’s out there and to better understand what it means when you see something like IP67 on an electronic device.

As always, if you have any lingering questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, call (888) 733-7681, or fill out our contact-us form and we'll be more than happy to get you on the right track.

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  1. IEC 60529 (Ed. 2.1), clause 4.1

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