Icom F3400D/4400D Radio

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The F3400D / F4400D portable two-way radio is a digital unit available in the UHF (4400D) or VHF (3400D) frequency band with 32 channels and 2 zones.

Icom F3400D / F4400D Included Accessories

Battery: BP-283 2010 mAh Li-ion

Charger: BC-219

F4400D UHF 1 Antenna: FA-S82U (430-480 MHz)

F4400D UHF 2 Antenna: FA-S83U (470-520 MHz)

F3400D VHF Antenna: FA-S82V (148-162 MHz)

Belt Clip: MB-133

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer's

Free Programming

*Radios arrive from the manufacturer with no programming. This means they will not work with your existing radios, and even each other (assuming you buy 2 or more), until we make them. Our experts can guide you through your specific radio programming needs at no additional cost, even if you don't end up purchasing with us!


Frequency Range: UHF 1 (380-470 MHz), UHF 2 (450-512 MHz), VHF (136-174 MHz)

Transmission Type: Digital and Analog

Available Channels: 32

Available Zones: 2

Maximum Power Output:  5 Watts

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