Two Way Radios for Hotels
Updated - May, 2022


Hotels, resorts, and all others in the hospitality business rely on timely communication. It can be the saving grace between your guests leaving happy and the dreaded bad yelp review. Guests like to see your team coordinate over two way radios, it shows them you mean business and are ready to tackle any situation. No matter the size of your organization, information flowing efficiently can be the lifeblood nurturing your operations and reputation to the next level.

Of course, there is no perfect solution for all hotel operations. Every business has its own unique needs. Single floor hotels have different needs than hotels with 5-10 floors, which need different systems than multi-acre resorts. What all these facilities do have in common is the need to streamline connectivity, and provide talk channels for groups to limit unnecessary and cluttered communication.

We’ve curated a list of commercial and professional two way radios to accommodate all, from small boutique hotels to grand resorts. Keep your front desk, management, maintenance, and security teams connected, achieving 5-star operational efficiency and ensuring your guests have an experience they’ll love.

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Motorola two way radios

Motorola SL series two way radios

Motorola SL300

Motorola SL3500e

Motorola SL300 | Walkie Talkie for Hotels Motorola SL3500e | Walkie Talkie for Hotels

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Shop the SL3500e


Motorola SL7550e

Motorola SL7550e | Two Way Radio for Hotels

Shop the SL7550e

Motorola’s line of Mototrbo SL series professional two way radios are an industry favorite for a sleek and professional-looking device that can easily navigate dynamic environments to get your message delivered. These are perfect for your associates who have the most frequent guest interactions. At less than 1-inch thick, these two way radios fit nicely in a suit pocket or clipped to your hip, keeping your team looking classy and connected.

With 3W max power output and being repeater capable, these two way radios are well suited for larger hotel operations like skyrises or large resorts. The SL300, SL3500e, and SL7550e all have the power to keep your teams in the loop.

The Motorola SL series also offers you some buying freedom in being able to choose which team members have access to greater operability and more advanced features. You can have SL7550e radios assigned to upper management or team leaders, who may require more ease switching between talk groups than your front desk attendants and baggage porters who could be assigned the SL300 radios. Or you can set up your whole team with SL3500e two way radios, that have a limited display and keypad but have upgradable systems technologies to all for greater interoperability. This provides you, the buyer, more power to customize a two way radio system for your organization.

Motorola XPR series two way radios

Motorola XPR 3300e

Motorola XPR 3500e

Motorola XPR 3300e |  Walkie Talkie for Hotels Motorola XPR 3500e | Two Way Radio for Hotels

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Shop the XPR 3500e


Motorola XPR 7350e

Motorola XPR 7550e

Motorola XPR 7350e | Walkie Talkie for Hotels Motorola XPR 7550e | Two Way Radio for Hotels

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Shop the XPR 7550e

A top-of-the-line product, the Motorola XPR series two way radios are packed with some great advanced features to deliver complete connectivity throughout your resort. These two way radios are bulkier than the Motorola SL series radios, so you may not want them hanging off the hip of a concierge.

The XPR3300e, XPR3500e, and XPR7550e two way radios are a great fit for large resorts needing to guarantee their maintenance staff never misses a transmission. Maintenance staff tend to have offices in the belly of our resorts, utilize the 4W power output of the XPR series radios to keep them connected and on top of the job.

Never compromise your needs with the Motorola XPR series two way radios. Advanced system technologies like IP site connect and Capacity plus come standard in the XPR7550e and are available as upgrades in the XPR3300e and XPR3500e, setting these two way radios ahead of the pack when it comes to connecting your staff in a large scale organization like a multi-acre resort.

Like the SL series, the Motorola XPR series two way radios also offer you the buying freedom to customize your organizations two way radio system to the needs at hand. While groundsmen may need to be connected, they might not need the advanced features included in the XPR7550e, with its full-color display & full keypad. You might elect to save the XPR7550e two way radios for crew leads while allocating XPR3300e or XPR7350e radios to crew members. The beauty of it is, the choice is yours.


 Motorola CP200d

Motorola CP200d | Walkie Talkie for Hotels

Shop the CP200d

The CP200d is another wonderful option for maintenance and other back-of-house staff members. It does not support the advanced system technologies that Motorola XPR series radios do, but with 4W max power output and a rugged design, it can be perfect for a team operating in a high-rise hotel.

Built to take a beating, the Motorola CP200d radios could be your standard for the cleaning staff to the electricians to the crews on the loading dock. Their digital transmission and high power ensure the dense concrete and steel of your high-rise hotel won’t interfere with clear communication flow.


 Motorola XPR 2500

Motorola XPR 2500 | Mobile Radio for Hotels

Shop the XPR 2500

A high-powered mobile unit like the XPR2500 can elevate your shuttle and cargo fleet to the next level. This mobile unit is an affordable way to make sure your drivers never miss a beat. This mobile radio is available as 25W or 40W (45W VHF), pair that with features like integrated voice systems, and you’ve got a versatile and powerful mobile radio with the Motorola XPR 2500.

The XPR2500 would be a great fit for any fleet of shuttles or trucks for a hotel. Its simple scalability to add features and functions makes it an appealing choice for any growing or well-established business. This high-powered mobile two way radio will allow your team to always get the job done with clarity and ease.

The standard hand microphone for the XPR2500 is the Motorola PMMN4090, which is included at purchase of the mobile two way radio.

Kenwood two way radios

Kenwood NX-P500

Kenwood NX-P500 | Walkie Talkie for Hotels

 Shop the NX-P500

The Kenwood NX-P500 two way radio is a great fit for any boutique hotel looking to increase communication efficiency. A huge plus for the NXP500 in my book is how with its 2W power output, the FCC does not require the consumer to purchase a licensed use agreement. For a small operation, added fees like that could be the tipping point in being able to allocate for upgrading systems within your budget.

This little guy can be utilized by your whole team. It's small and lightweight to portray discretion and professionalism for your front desk staff, and rugged enough to handle what your maintenance team might put it through with a dust and water proof IP67 rating. Also, don’t let the lower power throw you, this little guy’s digital UHF transmission allows it a range of 3-4 miles in open terrain and roughly 15 floors of a building.


 Kenwood NX-P1300NUK

Kenwood NX-P1300NUK | Walkie Talkie for Hotels

Currently unavailable

Maybe your resort covers a lot of land, or you operate a high-rise hotel, but you don’t feel your organization has the use for advanced system technologies like IP site connect and Capacity plus. Kenwood’s NX-1000 series is a compact line of ProTalk two way radios that could work perfectly for you.

I specifically chose the NX-P1300NUK model because it transmits using UHF, giving the radio much more penetrating power in dense environments, such as inside a high-rise hotel. Also, the 5W power capacity gives this two way radio a range that matches industry leaders.

Let the Kenwood NX-P1300NUK give your team the edge without bogging your budget down with tricks you won’t use.

Icom two way radios

Icom F1100D/F2100D series

Icom F1100D | F2100DL RC

Icom F1100DS | F2100DSL RC

Icom F1100D | F2100DL RC - Walkie Talkies for Hotels
Icom F1100DS | F2100DSL RC - Two Way Radios for Hotels

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Shop F1100DS/F2100DSL RC


Icom F1100DT | F2100DT 31

Icom F1100DT | F2100DT 31 - Two Way Radios for Hotels 

Shop F1100DT/F2100DT 31

The Icom F1100D/F2100D (VHF, UHF) two way radios are another great choice for any hotel needing a high-powered business radio. Keep your teams talking no matter where they are on the property with the F1100’s 5W power capacity and ensure discretion with its privacy functions.

This two way radio also offers you buying freedom like the Motorola SL and XPR series two way radios. It is offered as basic (no-display), display w/ limited keypad, and display w/ full DTMF keypad. You can choose who will need the display for easier operation and designate the no display models out to the majority of your associates. The display options would be great for a team leader needing to set up group talks within channels, so they can have conversations without clogging communication flow.


 Icom F5121D | F6121D

Icom F5121D | F6121D - Mobile Radio for Hotels

Shop the F5121D | F6121D

If your resort needs a high-powered mobile two way radio that won’t completely bust your budget, go for the Icom F5121D/F6121D. This mobile two way radio has a 45W (50W VHF) power capacity giving you range like you’ve never experienced.

With built-in type-D single-site trunking and the optional GPS upgrade, you can bring your communication network into a new echelon of productivity. The F5121D/F6121D mobile radios also have a lone worker function that will automatically send out an emergency signal if the user does not check-in after a preset amount of time. This gives you peace of mind toward the productivity and most importantly the safety of your team.

The standard hand microphone for the F5121D/F6121D is the Icom HM-152, which is included at purchase of the mobile two way radio.

Wrap it up

I’ll repeat myself, there is not one solution for all hotels and resorts. The solution for you may not even be one of the two way radio models I have presented above. That is perfectly OK, don’t get disheartened if you don’t see an option that sounds like it will suit your business. RadioDepot is here for people like you. You wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place if you knew already what radios would work best for you. This article is here to give you an idea of some good features to look out for when shopping for two way radios for your hotel.

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