Two-Way Radio Repairs

Many consumers wonder what type of repair options are available on the radios they have purchased. After spending several hundred dollars on a higher end radio, consumers are looking to save on cost by repairing their fleet as opposed to replacing the radio entirely.

Warranty Repair

A warranty repair should always be the first solution to consider when repairing the radio. To check on if the radio is under warranty, you can either call or email us to confirm purchase date. If it is under warranty, please look at our radio warranty blog article to get a full breakdown of how to fulfill a warranty request!

Non-Warranty Options

Unfortunately, as radios have advanced, repairs have become more difficult and complex. The evolution of digitally capable radios has increased price due to less ability to fix by hand and more complicated parts and hardware. The increased price of parts and complexity leaves less options for repair and pushes users into using the manufacturer’s repair options. 

If the radio is out of warranty, the options to maintain your radio varies. Radio Depot offers a non-manufacturer $50 starting rate repair, there is a manufacturer flat-rate repair (does not cover physical damage), and a manufacturer’s quotation repair.

Non-Manufacturer $50 Starting Rate Repair

The $50 starting rate repair is a great option for a low-cost repair. Be aware though, this repair is only available on select radios. Higher level radios and select low-end radios are not eligible for this repair option, such as SL, BPR, and XPR series radios.

Conversely, CP model radios, ICOM analog radios, and Kenwood radios are perfect for this repair option.

Eligible Radios for $50 starting rate repair

Ineligible Radios for $50 starting rate repair

Motorola Legacy radios

(CP200, PR400, CP100, CP200-XLS)

Motorola BPR40

Motorola CP185

Motorola SL300

Motorola CP200D (some restrictions apply)

Motorola DTR700

ICOM F4001

Motorola VL50

CP100D (Some restrictions apply)

Motorola SL3000 and SL7000 Series

Vertex Radios

Motorola XPR3000 Series

Kenwood Analog Radios (some restrictions apply)

Motorola XPR7000 Series

*If radio is not listed please call or email for confirmation of eligibility

We will attempt to fix the radios for $50. If the radio costs more than $50 to repair, we will quote out the additional cost before completion. If the radio is repairable for $50, the repair will be done automatically and the $50 will be charged.

This repair option can take anywhere between 4 days to 2 weeks. If the parts needed for repair are not readily available, they will likely need to be ordered from the manufacturer. You will be notified of any extended lead time as we process the repair.

All repairs will require a $10 return shipping cost. The repair is accompanied by a 30-day warranty. We bench check the radio as well as clean and solder the weaker joints to ensure that the radio is also treated with preventative maintenance. It is a great low-cost option for the commercial to professional series radio user.

If we cannot fix the radio, we will waive the $50 cost and suggest either a flat-rate repair or a manufacturer’s quotation repair or radio replacement.

Motorola Flat-Rate Repair

The flat-rate repair option is offered on all Motorola radios. The repair only covers that of a warranty repair. Physical, liquid, and chemical damage are not covered by the flat-rate repair. If the unit is deemed to be unrepairable, Motorola will provide a refurbished unit to replace the failed unit.

Flat rate repair costs differ based on the radio line you use. Click here to view a breakdown of the different Motorola radio models and their cost to repair. 

This pricing would include return shipping cost, and a 90-day warranty. The customer is responsible for shipping the radio to us to process the repair. Lead time on this repair generally takes about 2-4 weeks.

If your radio is sent in for a flat-rate repair, and Motorola claims physical, liquid or chemical damage, a quotation would be required on the radio.

Motorola Quotation Repair

Motorola’s quotation repair is the best way to fix a radio with non-warranty repair needs. The Motorola depot will refurbish your unit for a quoted amount. They will not repair the radio without prior approval of the repair cost. Once they have received approval for the repair of the radio, they will refurbish the unit and return it to you.

Be aware that refusing a quotation can sometimes be accompanied by a $40 technician’s service fee, for the time spent to evaluate the damage of the unit. This fee will sometimes be waived by Motorola, at their discretion, if the quotation is above a “reasonable repair amount.” In other words, they will not charge you this fee if the cost of the repair is more or close to the cost of a brand new unit.

Generally, this repair can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Choosing to repair vs choosing to replace

Quite often, flat-rate repairs and quotation repairs through Motorola are cheaper, but not always the right option. For instance, on radios such as the XPR6000 series, repair costs can be around $600. The cost of a new XPR7000e series is comparable which would include all the accessories and a new 5-year warranty.

If the repair is processed, no new accessories would be included, and the radio would only be accompanied with a 90-day repair warranty. We highly suggest speaking with your sales rep about the differences in cost, sometimes buying a new unit far outweighs trying to keep an old one.

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