Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitter

SKU: RQT-151



The Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitter empowers your staff to respond quickly to emergency situations. The unit comes PC programmable with Ritron programming software, including built-in microphone for recording messages. Ability to use 4 inputs using 4 channels. Designed and made in the U.S.A.

***Receiver models do not include key fobs or wireless call button - sold separately***

Ritron Callbox Includes

Transmission Type: Analog, Narrow-band

Power Options: 125mW or 2W

Power source: 6 AA Batteries and external power capabilities

Casing: Polycarbonate housing with mounting brackets

Dual Band Antenna: RAM-1545 Magnetic Mount w 25ft cable, RAM-45 Magnetic Mount w 12ft cable & AFB-1545 Antenna

Warranty: 1 year (Accessories: 90 days)


Quick Talk Information Sheet

Transmitter Dimensions: 7.57" x 5.07" x 2.65"

Frequency Range: VHF (150-165MHz) & UHF (450-470MHz)

Maximum Power Output: 2 Watts

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