Wireless Quick Assist Alerting Call Button




The wireless quick assist alerting call button provides an efficient approach to improving shopper response times, control costs and accelerate employee reaction times. Workers and shoppers needing assistance are just a button press away from contacting your 2-way radio equipped staff members who will be instantly alerted with a unique and customizable voice response.

The Quick Assist 1B is an exceptional addition to current 2-way radio systems and the perfect solution for maximizing customer satisfaction, product sales and employee productivity.

Place up to 8 of the compact size wireless RQA-1B call buttons in high need areas. The press of the call button pushes out your voice message to the RQT Transmitter which supplies the message to your fleet of two-way radios. 

***Requires use of the Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitter - RCVR Model***

Ritron Call Button Transmitter Includes

Transmission Type: 433MHz Analog 

Power source: CR123A Battery

Casing: Polycarbonate housing with mounting brackets

Warranty: 90 days


Wireless Transmitter Information Sheet

Transmitter Dimensions: 4.125" x 2.50" x 1.25"

Frequency Range: 433MHz

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