Motorola RLN6491 XBT Bluetooth Headset

SKU: RLN6491



The Motorola RLN6491 saves your hearing while keeping you aware of what’s around you with this state-of-the-art wireless Bluetooth digital XBT headset.

The headband style digital headset unleashes the power of your radio to shield you from harmful, high-decibel noise while letting you hear the surrounding sounds you need to—people, alarms, alerts, and more.

This Headset features patented SENS technology, which combines advanced speech enhancement with extreme noise suppression. Be aware of your environment and protect your hearing without the hassle of wires while you work.


Construction Heavy Duty
Voice Activation (VOX) No
Noise Canceling Microphone Yes
Receive Method Dual Muff
Noise Reduction 25dB
Push-to-Talk (PTT) Yes
Microphone Type Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
Transmit Method Microphone
Style Dual Muff
Configuration Over-the-Head / Headband
Operational Time (hours) 22 Hours
Charge Time 7 Hours
Chemistry Lithium Polymer
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Motorola Wireless Category Operations Critical (non-secure)
Wireless Link Pairing Distance Proximity < 1 Foot
Wireless Link Range 30 feet line of sight, 6 feet around body
IP Rating IP54

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