Motorola RLN6468 Key Lock Trunnion Kit

SKU: RLN6468

Key-Lock Trunnion Kit


The Motorola RLN6468 is a key lock trunnion kit for CM and XPR series Motorola mobile two way radios. A trunnion kit secures your mobile radio underneath your vehicle’s dash, or on your floorboard, for optimal radio use. This mounting bracket offers you extra protection against theft with its integrated lock.

Its impossible to predict the environments our teams will have to work in. Ensure the safety of your mobile equipment with this key lock trunnion kit. The RLN6468 is compatible with Motorola CM200D, CM300D, XPR 2500, XPR5350e, and XPR5550e mobile two way radios.

Motorola RLN6468 Trunnion Kit Highlights

  • Features a lock to protect against theft
  • Mounts underneath dash or on floor
  • 1-Year Motorola warranty

RLN6468 Specifications

Weight (lb) 1.29
Dimensions (in) 2.75W X 7.75H X 2.5L
Product Type Mobile Accessory
Type/Style Mounting Bracket
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Color Black
Warranty 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Mobile two way radios compatible with the RLN6468 Key-Lock Trunnion Kit

Motorola CM200D

Product page

Motorola CM300D

Product page

Motorola XPR 2500

Product page

Motorola XPR 5350e

Product page

Motorola XPR 5550e

Product page

Discontinued Radios

Motorola XPR 5350

Motorola XPR 5550

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