Motorola PMLN5101 Temple Transducer




The Motorola PMLN5101 is a temple transducer utilizing bone conduction technology in a lightweight behind-the-head headset.

Bone conduction allows you to receive audio without covering your ears, enabling you to either keep your ears open to external sounds or wear hearing protection in extreme-noise environments.

This lightweight temple transducer with in-line push-to-talk and microphone provides clear audio as well as comfort for extended wear. 

Motorola PMLN5101 highlights

  • Intelligent Audio: Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Lightweight Headset
  • Ruggedised
  • Voice Activation (VOX)
  • Impress Technology

PMLN5101 specifications

Weight (lbs) 0.45 
Dimensions (inches) 2 (W) X 46 (H) X 4.5 (L)
Receive Method Bone Conduction
Transmit Method MIcrophone
Microphone Type Boom Mic
Color Black
Connector Type Direct-to-Radio
Style Dual Muff
Configuration Behind-the-Head
Intrinsic Safety Standard FM, CSA

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