Motorola PMLN6129A Two-wire Earpiece




This black, 2-wire surveillance kit features a quick-disconnect, while a durable and comfortable translucent tube enables easy sharing of this kit between shifts. Two-wire kits feature one wire for receiving transmissions and one wire with a combined microphone and Push-To-Talk (PTT).

Motorola' s state-of-the-art IMPRES technology allows communication between the radio and the audio accessory. The result is optimal audio performance, enhanced audio gain capability, and increased customization, assuring the highest-quality communication. IMPRES technology provides clear communication across a number of environments, while the convenience of this two-wire surveillence kit is perfect for on-the-go users.



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Intrinsic Safety Rating: FM & TIA, CSA

Microphone: None

PTT: None

Type: Earbud

Vertical Markets: Police

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