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The Motorola EVX-261 radio is a 16 channel handheld unit that is ideal for construction, hospitality, and transportation businesses. The EVX-261 transmits using digital UHF or VHF frequencies, and can be programmed to work with other Motorola, Icom, and Kenwood analog or digital radios.

Product Cancellation Notice

Motorola Solutions announced the cancellation of the EVX-261 radio for North America in June of 2020. Orders can be placed through Oct 30th, 2020 or while supplies last, and the last ship date is Dec 15th.

Motorola and Radio Depot recommend the new Motorola CP100D as an alternative. 

Motorola EVX-261 radio highlights

  • Digital and analog transmissions
  • 16 channels
  • UHF or VHF frequency bands
  • 4 watts (UHF) and 5 watts (VHF) max power output
  • 3 year Motorola warranty

EVX-261 Motorola SKUs

UHF1 - AC151U512-MOT-NA
UHF2 - AC151U511-MOT-NA
VHF - AC151N511-MOT-NA

The EVX-261 radio has a max power output of 5 watts (UHF and VHF) which exhausts the standard NiMH battery AAJ67X501 in ~11 hours and ~19 hours with the optional high capacity AAJ68X501.

Motorola EVX-261 range

The baseline Motorola EVX-261 radio range using the standard UHF ATU-6D antenna and VHF ATV-8C antenna is:

Flat open terrain

UHF  4.5 - 6 miles

VHF 5- 7 miles

Suburban areas

UHF 3.5 - 5 miles

VHF 2 - 4 miles

Urban areas

UHF 1 - 3 miles

VHF 0.5 - 1 miles

Inside buildings

UHF 25 - 30 floors

VHF 10 - 15 floors

These are averages based on the Motorola EVX-261 radio using standard accessories at full power. There are many factors that affect two-way radio range, and it is always best to test before you invest.

Similar and compatible Motorola digital radios

If you aren't sure if the EXV-261 radio is the right fit, check out our other Motorola digital radios. Some great EVX-261 digital alternatives are the: Motorola CP100DMotorola CP200D, Motorola EVX-S24, and Motorola XPR 3300e radios.

    Free custom Motorola EVX-261 radio programming with purchase

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      EVX-261 Resources and Downloads

      Channel Capacity16
      Programmable buttonsYes, 2 buttons
      CloningYes, with cable
      User programmable?No, requires dealer software
      DurabilityIP55 Rated | Mil spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 

      Performance Details

      Frequency rangeUHF1 (403-470 MHz)
      UHF2 (450-512 MHz)
      VHF (136-174 MHz)
      Max Power output5 Watts
      Adjustable power levelsYes
      Coverage areaProgramming Software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage
      Repeater capableYes
      Estimated battery lifeUp to 10.8 hours
      Up to 19 hours with hi-cap AAJ68X501
      Standard batteryAAJ67X501 Li-ion
      Battery size1380 mAh

      Physical Specs

      Dimensions (H x W x D)
      4.3 x 2.3 x 1.3 in.
      Weight w/battery9.9 oz.
      Emergency buttonNone

      Downloads and Resources

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