Motorola 25009297001 Power Cord

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The Motorola 25009297001 Power Cord is a switch mode power supply for use with Motorola charger bases. This power supply comes with the PMPN4173 Rapid Charger & is required for use of the WPLN4137 Charger Base.

The 25009297001 has an 18W capacity with 0-134V switch mode power supply. Note: The 25009297001 cannot be plugged directly into a radio.

Motorola 25009297001 Power Cord Highlights

  • 18W
  • Minimal Design
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

25009297001 Specifications

Type Power Supply
Weight (lbs) 0.19
Dimensions (IN) 2.13(W) x 2.63(H) x 1.25(L)
Display No
Power Source 120 VAC
Plug Type U.S.
Technology Motorola Original
Color Black
Intrinsically Safe Not Found
IP Rating Not Found
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Warranty 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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