LoudMouth Wireless PA / Mass Notification System

SKU: LM-600Analog-V



Reach everyone simultaneously at the push of a button... The LoudMouth Wireless PA operates as a mass notification system allowing calls to reach across large areas. It is the perfect solution for notifying patrons and staff of daily updates, emergencies and general announcements through your radio communications system.   

Ritron Callbox Includes

Transmission Type: Analog, Narrow-band, Digital Option available

Power Options: 8W audio amplifier

Power source: AC adapter external power (Optional backup battery available)

Casing: Polycarbonate housing with mounting brackets, 25 ft cable to speaker

Dual Band Antenna: Flex whip antenna

Warranty: 1 year (Accessories: 90 days)


Ritron LoudMouth User Manual

Ritron LoudMouth Sell Sheet

Transmitter Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 3"

Frequency Range: VHF (150-165MHz) & UHF (450-470MHz)

Maximum Power Output: 8 Watts

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