Ritron Callbox


Color: Black


The Ritron callbox is built to maximize efficiency and improve high need response times. It can easily integrate into existing radio networks and is used in a variety of industries as a way to communicate to employees and customers.

The Ritron callbox does not require wires, trenching, or any construction. It can be used with battery power for stand-alone operations, or with an AC-power adapter for non-stop operation.

Ritron Callbox Includes

Transmission Type: Analog / DMR Digital / NXDN Digital

Power source: Battery and external power capabilities

Casing: Rugged, polycarbonate gasket-sealed enclosure

UHF Antenna: Vandal-resistant, built-in antenna RAM-45 

VHF Antenna: Vandal-resistant, built-in antenna RAM-1545

Microphone: Integrated Speaker & Microphone

Mounting: Metal Wall-Mount Brackets (2), for flat surface, 4 Screws, T-25 Torx Bit (hollow point type)

Relay Option: Remotely control gates, doors or strobe lights, record-able voice message feature.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's


Ritron Q Series Spec Sheet

Dimensions: 7"H x 5"W x 3"D

Frequency Range: VHF (150-165 MHz),  UHF (450-470MHz) 

Maximum Power Output: VHF 800 mW (D-Cell Batteries), VHF 2W (12 VDC Power), UHF 700mW (D-Cell Batteries), UHF (12 VDC Power)

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