Motorola HMN4104B Remote Speaker Microphone




This product has been discontinued by Motorola.

These rugged Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) feature volume control, full display, a channel knob, two programmable buttons and an orange emergency button. These APX RSM's large speaker delivers audio that is clearer, more intelligible and up 50% louder than XTS Series RSMs. Fully submersible, they are the only RSMs in the portfolio with a submersible audio jack.

Highlighted features include

  • IMPRES Audio
  • Audio jack
  • Channel Control Knob
  • Volume control
  • 2 Programmable buttons
  • Orange programmable emergency button
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • UL rated

Compatible APX Radio Models

  • APX 900
  • APX 3000
  • APX 4000
  • APX 6000
  • APX 6000XE
  • APX 7000
  • APX 7000XE
  • APX 8000
  • APX 8000XE
  • SRX 2200

Dimensions (inches): 1.12(W) 24.0(H) 2.5(L)

Previous SKUs:  HMN4104, HMN4104A

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