Power Products Endura EC6M Six Unit Charger




Power Products Endura EC6M Six Unit Charger with power supply.  This is a low cost, quality alternative to an OEM six radio battery charger.

NOTE: You must choose the proper pod for your radio battery.  This charger will use the TWP-XXX Single Position Charging Pod.  If the selected pod requires the "V2" version of this charger for proper operation, the "V2" version will be automatically substituted.

For a reference that lists which pod needs to be ordered for a particular radio battery, please click on the link below.  This charger can be mixed and matched with up to six different types of pods.  If you need to mix and match pods, choose the MIXMATCH pod option and then either call or email with your desired pod configuration.

Endura Parts & Pods Reference

EC6M Brochure

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