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The Motorola SL300 radio is a 2 or 99 channel handheld unit that is ideal for educational institutions, hospitality, events, and retail businesses. The SL300 transmits using digital UHF or VHF frequencies, and can be programmed to work with other Motorola, Icom, and Kenwood analog or digital radios.

Whether you're working in the field or at a black-tie event, the SL300 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected. Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable with a stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame.

It features an Active View display with a matrix of LED lights behind the radio housing and “Range Max” technology, an advanced radio design and patented antenna for enhanced range. Designed for easy and intuitive use and outfitted with the latest technology, the SL300 is the perfect work partner.

Motorola SL300 radio highlights

  • Digital or analog transmissions
  • 2 or 99 channels
  • VHF and UHF frequency bands
  • 3 watt (digital) and 2 watt (analog) max power output
  • 14 hours of battery life (display model) and 15 hours (no display)
  • LED dot matrix display (99 channel models)
  • 2 year Motorola warranty

Model numbers

UHF 2 Channel - AAH88QCC9JA2AN
UHF 99 Channel - AAH88QCP9JA2AN
VHF 2 Channel - AAH88JCC9JA2AN
VHF 99 Channel - AAH88JCP9JA2AN

Supported system technologies 

Conventional analog
Conventional digital

Included SL300 accessories

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UHF Antenna PMAE4095
VHF Antenna PMAD4145
Battery PMNN4468
Holster PMLN7190
Plug-in Charger PS000227A11


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    Free Motorola SL300 radio programming with purchase

      Motorola SL300 radio range

      Flat open terrain

      UHF  3 - 5 miles

      VHF 4 - 6 miles

      Suburban areas

      UHF 2 - 4 miles

      VHF 1 - 3 miles

      Urban areas

      UHF 1 - 2 miles

      VHF 0.5 - 1 miles

      Inside buildings

      UHF 25 - 30 floors

      VHF 10 - 15 floors

      These are estimates based on the SL300 radio using standard accessories at full power, many factors affect range.

      SL300 Radio Specifications

      Dimensions (H x W x D)
      5 x 2.2 x 0.9 in
      Weight w/battery6.7 oz.
      Programmable buttons
      1 button
      DisplayLED dot matrix (99ch model)
      User programmable?
      No, requires dealer support
      DurabilityIP54 | Mil spec: 810 D, 810 E

      Performance Details

      Frequency rangeUHF (403-470 MHz)
      VHF (136-174 MHz)
      Max Power output3 Watts (Digital)
      2 Watts (Analog)
      Coverage areaAdjustable power output for varying coverage
      Repeater capableYes
      Estimated battery life11 hours (Analog)
      13.5 hours (Digital)
      Standard batteryPMNN4468 Li-ion
      Battery size2300 mAh

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