Ritron GateGuard Bundle (XT Series)




The GateGuard Callbox package is an assortment of radios built to assist in long-range, two-way voice communications and controlled remote access. 

Rugged equipment used to keep gated areas secure, without hindering secure two-way long distance voice communications while also allowing for remote access control of magnetic locked doors and gates.

Includes: XT series radio callbox, JMX portable radio, and JBS desk-top base radio.

NOTE: This is a non-returnable, non-refundable special order item with a lead time of 3-4 weeks (estimated) APO.


Transmission Type: Analog

Programming: PC and Field Programmable

Range: Up to one mile (no obstructions) 

Power source: Battery or external power capable

Casing: Rugged, polycarbonate gasket-sealed enclosure

UHF Antenna: Vandal-resistant, built-in antenna RAM-45 

VHF Antenna: Vandal-resistant, built-in antenna RAM-1545

Keypad Option: Mounts to callbox, connects via hard wired connection.

Installation: Weather and tamper proof, easy installation with VHF or UHF band radios. No trenching required.

Analog Model Features

Selective Signaling – CTCSS & DCS Encode/Decode, DTMF Encode/Decode, SelCal Encode/Decode, 2-Tone Decode Only


Ritron GateGuard Spec Sheet

XT Series - 11.5"H x 9.5"W x 4.0"D

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