Motorola VX-261

SKU: AC151U512-MOT-NA / AC128U502-MOT-NA

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The Motorola VX-261 radio is a 16 channel handheld unit that is ideal for retail and hospitality businesses. The VX-261 transmits using analog UHF or VHF frequencies, and can be programmed to work with other Motorola, Icom, and Kenwood analog radios.

The VX-261 used to be a part of the Vertex Standard portfolio until picked up by Motorola in 2018. 

For companies looking for the best value commercial two-way radio, the VX-261 is a hard radio to match. It features 16 channels, 5 watts of power and a 3 year standard warranty. 

Motorola VX-261 radio highlights

  • Analog only transmissions
  • 16 channels
  • UHF or VHF frequency band
  • 5 watt max power output
  • 9 hours battery life and up to 16 with hi-cap battery
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • 3 year Motorola warranty

Model numbers

UHF1 (403-470 MHz) - AC151U512-MOT-NA or AC128U502-MOT-NA 
UHF2 (450-520 MHz) - AC128U501-MOT-NA 

Supported system technologies

Conventional analog

Included VX-261 accessories

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UHF Antenna AAE23X503
VHF Antenna AAE24X502
Battery AAJ67X501
Belt Clip AAH12X501
Charger XUAAK44X511


Consider upgrading to a digital radio for more coverage

If you still need additional range, we suggest looking at a Motorola digital radio.

Digital radios give you a ~20% range bump as well as ~40% battery life bump, and static free audio.

Recommended alternatives

Radio Depot can program existing VX-261 radios to work with any of the above digital radios on analog channels.

    Free Motorola VX-261 radio programming with purchase

    Motorola VX-261 radio range

    Flat open terrain

    UHF 3-4 miles

    VHF 4-6 miles

    Suburban areas

    UHF 1-3 miles

    VHF 1-3 miles

    Urban areas

    UHF 0.5-2 miles

    VHF 0.5-1 mile

    Inside buildings

    UHF 17-25 floors

    VHF 10-15 floors

    These are estimates based on the VX-261 radio using standard accessories at full power, many factors affect range.

    Motorola VX-261 specifications

    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    4.3 x 2.3 x 1.3 in.
    Weight w/battery9.9 oz.
    Programmable buttons
    User programmable?
    No, requires dealer support
    DurabilityIP55 Rated

    Performance data

    Frequency rangeUHF1 (403-470 MHz)
    UHF2 (450-512 MHz)
    VHF (136-174 MHz)
    Max Power output5 Watts
    Coverage areaAdjustable power output for varying coverage
    Repeater capableYes
    Estimated battery life10.8 hours (Standard)
    19 hours (High Capacity)
    Standard batteryAAJ67X501 Li-ion
    Battery size1380 mAh

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