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Motorola CP125 Two Way Radios

Motorola has announced that the CP125 radios are being discontinued. This radio is being replaced by the BPR40, CP110, CP185, or CP200. No orders for CP125 radios will be accepted after 1:00pm CDT on 06/29/09.

HOWEVER - Batteries & Accessories will continue to be available and can be ordered below.

Product Description

Motorola CP125 Two Way Radio

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Many businesses and schools have discovered the benefits of two-way radios for effective employee communications. And many more have been anxious to gain productivity and improve service—but have been concerned about costs or employee learning curves. Whether you’re looking to replace older two-way radios, or are considering integrating them into your operation for the fi rst time, the Radius® CP125™ makes it easy and remarkably affordable. The Radius® CP125™ provides instant communication that’s powerful and dependable combined with simple operation. It keeps employees in touch, always able to respond to anything from a simple question to a request from a manager to an emergency. The Radius® CP125™ is the right choice for businesses seeking reliable performance and exceptional value.


The CP125 has the following features:

  • Rapid drop-in charging—now you can charge your radio in three hours with the included drop-in rapid charger.

  • Multi-channel capable—four channels allow you to communicate with separate workgroups.

  • High power—5 Watt (VHF)/4 Watt (UHF). Adjustable power levels help save battery life.

  • Eight-character alphanumeric display—with user-friendly icons to make information clear and easy to read.

  • Four front programmable buttons for such features as:
    • Priority scan ON/OFF
    • Adjustable power levels to save battery life
    • Backlight ON/OFF
    • Keypad lock so users won’t change channels accidentally

  • VOX capabilities*—with hands-free operation with an optional headset.

  • Durable, lightweight design for optimal portability—ideal for employees on the move.

  • Long-lasting battery life—up to 11 hours of battery life, more than enough for a long work shift.


The CP125 portable can be used for a variety of applications. Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Hospitality
    The CP125 helps you to communicate better, allowing you to respond faster responses to requests and problems for better guest service - setting up business assignments, addressing urgent conference room requests, and delivering personal items.

  • Retail
    At the touch of a button, you can check prices, find out if an item is in stock and locate a manager for assistance.

  • Education
    In today's active learning institutions, playground supervisors, teachers, coaches and other administrators can stay connected with instant push-of-a-button communications.

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Motorola Battery, P/N: PMNN4061
Mag One NiMH, 1300 mAh Battery


Motorola Battery, P/N: PMNN4063
NiMH, 1500 mAh, 7.2V Battery

Photo Not Available

Motorola Battery, P/N: PMNN4078
Li-ion, 1500 mAh Battery

Photo Not Available

Power Products Battery, P/N: BP4063MH
NIMH, 1500 mAh, 7.5V Battery

Carry Cases

Motorola Belt Lengthener, P/N: 4280384F89
Belt Lengthener

Photo Not Available

Motorola Shoulder Strap, P/N: 4285820Z01
Shoulder Strap


Motorola Belt Clip, P/N: HLN9844
Standard 2" Battery Belt Clip

Motorola Waterproof Bag, P/N: HLN9985
Waterproof Bag, includes large carrying strap
Motorola Universal RadioPAK(TM), P/N: RLN4815
Universal RadioPAK(TM) & Utility Case worn around waist with adjustable belt; includes attached 6" by 8" zippered pouch for other job necessities.

Motorola Speaker Microphone, P/N: PMMN4008
Mag One Remote Speaker Microphone w/Coiled Cord & Clothing Clip


Motorola Speaker Microphone, P/N: PMMN4013
Remote Speaker Microphone w/Coiled Cord & Clothing Clip


Motorola Speaker Microphone, P/N: PMMN4029
Remote Speaker Microphone w/Coiled Cord & Clothing Clip (IP57 Submersible)

Epaulet Strap, P/N: RLN4294
Black leather Epaulet Strap secures Remote Speaker Microphone to epaulet strap
Epaulet Strap w/Clip, P/N: RLN4295
Black leather Epaulet Strap secures Remote Speaker Microphone to epaulet strap
RocketScience Flare Speaker Mic, P/N: Flare-CP
RocketScience Flare Mini Speaker Microphone

Motorola Headset, P/N: HMN9013
Lightweight Single Muff Adjustable Headset w/Swivel Boom Microphone


Motorola Headset, P/N: PMLN4445
Mag One Headset w/PTT & VOX Switch

Photo Not Available

Motorola Headset, P/N: PMLN5003
Motorola Lightweight Temple Transducer Headset


Motorola Headset, P/N: PMLN5011
Motorola Temple Transducer Headset

VHF Flexible Whip Antenna, P/N: 8504762J02
VHF Whip Antenna, 155-174 MHz

VHF Heliflex Antenna, P/N: NAD6502
VHF Heliflex Antenna, 146-174 MHz
UHF Whip Antenna, P/N: NAE6483
UHF Whip Antenna, 403-512 MHz For use with Motorola Two-Way Radios
VHF Stubby Antenna, P/N: PMAD4012
VHF Stubby Antenna, 136-155 MHz (Red Color Code)
VHF Stubby Antenna, P/N: PMAD4013
VHF Stubby Antenna, 155-174 MHz (Black Color Code
UHF Stubby Antenna, P/N: PMAE4003
430-470 MHz UHF Stubby Antenna

Motorola Earpiece, P/N: PMLN4425
Earpiece w/Boom Microphone & Ring PTT


Motorola Earbud, P/N: PMLN4442
Mag One Earbud w/Microphone, PTT, VOX Switch


Motorola Earpiece, P/N: PMLN4443
Mag One Ear Receiver w/Microphone, PTT, VOX Switch


Motorola Earpiece, P/N: PMLN4444
Mag One Earbud w/Boom Microphone, PTT and VOX


BodyGuard Earpiece, P/N: Bodyguard-CP
Rocketscience Bodyguard Earpiece w/PTT & Microphone Lapel Clip. Fits On Outside of Ear.


Signal Earpiece, P/N: Signal-CP
Rocketscience Signal Earpiece w/PTT & Microphone Lapel Clip. Fits Inside of Ear.


PINKIE Replacement Eartip, P/N: PINKIE
Rocketscience Pinkie Eartip. Fits Signal Headset.
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Motorola Charger Xformer, P/N: EPNN7994
Rapid Rate Plug-In Transformer (Plugs Into Radio Accessory Connector or PMN4086 Base)


Motorola Charger Xformer, P/N: EPNN7997
10 Hour Plug-In Transformer (Plugs Into Radio Accessory Connector or WPLN4203 Base)


Motorola Charger Xformer, P/N: PMTN4073
13 Hour Plug-In Transformer (Plugs Into Radio Accessory Connector or WPLN4203 Base)


Motorola Charger Base, P/N: PMTN4086
Rapid Charger Base (Requires EPNN7994 Transformer)


Motorola Charger Kit, P/N: PMTN4087
2 Hour Rapid Rate Charger Kit


Motorola Charger Kit, P/N: RLN4940
13 Hour Standard Charger Kit


Motorola Charger Base, P/N: WPLN4203
13 Hour Standard Charger Base

Endura Single Unit Charger, P/N: TWC1
Power Products Endura Universal Single Unit
Tri-Chemistry Charger w/Power Supply & Pod
Endura Multi Unit Charger, P/N: TWC6M
Power Products Endura Universal Six Unit
Tri-Chemistry Rapid Charger w/Power Supply & Pod


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